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The Story - Collins Buck Sheds (#1 Buck for Pa. KOM)

State: Pa. (Chester county)

Two brothers out for a day of deer hunting in the 2009 late gun season; while making a deer drive for his brother Justin, Nick found something that would begin an adventure to remember. Earlier that hunting season Nick spotted a deer he described as being as " big as a horse " and it had a set of antlers that matched. The deer was spotted from around " 200 yards away " as it burned an image in his mind! The young man picked up a shed antler from a animal that appeared so big " It didn't seem real " he replied. To the amazement of the brothers, the matching side was no more than 10 yards away. Finding those sheds confirmed what Nick had seen earlier that year. The season ended with the brothers believing they might be able to catch up with this known monarch of the woods. Justin being the bow hunter of the two went into the 2010 season with only one deer on his mind. The owner of those magnificent sheds!!

To Justins' disappointment, the early bow season brought no encounters with the great deer. Then one day in early October Justin spotted another great deer, it was not the giant he was hoping for, but it was respectable in his own way. As the deer disappears, Justin notices more movement from the same direction and out steps the giant he was waiting to see. The bow hunter had no clean shot and had to watch as the monarch walked away. He hoped to catch up with him another day.

There were no more encounters with this great legend that bow season.

As the two brothers stopped at a local Quick shop on their way to go hunting in the regular firearm season, some Friends asked them if they seen the huge buck that was harvested near their hunting spot. The two brothers found the pictures of the huge buck on the Internet and knew immediately it was the deer they had been chasing. Even though the hunt ended with some feelings of disappointment, the brothers still have a Pa. trophy of a life time.

The brothers credit their father John for introducing them to hunting.

Thank you Justin and Nick for bringing these incredible sheds for all of us to enjoy and share.

The final NA Monster Bucks Club score was a whopping 203 7/8 inches. Spread credit was 18 1/8 taken from the great Collins Buck. Regardless of the score, to view the sheds is worth a thousand words!!

State: Pa. (Berks county)

State: Pa. (Berks county)