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Illinois King of Bucks

Hunter: Charles Turner, Date: 11/5/2009, Harvest Type: Bow, County: Rock Island, CLub Score: 202 1/8

Spread Credit:22                                                                 Abnormal-29 7/8

Length of Main Beams:   rt-25 6/8        Lft-24 1/8

Lenth of First Point:       rt-3 6/8         Lft-5 5/8                         

Length of Second Point:  rt-11 3/8       Lft-13 6/8

Length of Third Point:     rt-10 2/8       Lft-11 5/8

Length of Fourth Point:    rt-5 6/8   

Length of Fifth Point:                       

Length of Sixth Point:                       

Length of Seventh Point:                     

Circumference#1:            rt-5 2/8        Lft-5 7/8

Circumference#2:            rt-4 6/8        Lft-5 3/8

Circumference#3:            rt-4 6/8        Lft-5

Circumference#4:             rt-3 1/8        Lft-4 1/8

Total Credit: Spread=22, Right Antler=74 6/8,  Left Antler=75 4/8,
                                                                                   Abnormal=29 7/8
Club Score-202 1/8