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Club Requirements

The following are the Monster Buck Clubs of North America Club Requirements:

1.) Minimum Club Score for Bow Harvest- 105"

2.) Minimum Club Score for Firearm Harvest- 115"

3.) Click image bellow, print and fill out Score sheet.

4.) Mail the completed official Score sheet and 3 pictures to: Attention Hank Wooleyhand, 912 North Heidelberg Road, Bernville Pa. 19506 or Email ( with the numbers and 3 pictures of the qualifying deer. One Left View, One Right View and One Center View.

5.) All deer display must qualify under free roaming, fair chase conditions.

Additional Information:

We are a FULL CREDIT SCORING SYSTEM, no Deductions are taken with our Club Scores.We believe that every whitetail deer harvested is a trophy and we have pages for deer that do not qualify for the Club.

If you have pictures of your trophy whitetail and would like to showcase them on our site, please mail or email us the pictures and we will post them on the site. We love seeing and showcasing pictures of any whitetail deer.

Feel free to print a score sheet.

                                    Monster Buck Clubs of North America

                                 Rules for Measuring

1.) A 1/4 steel tape, metal wire or cable will be sufficient.

2.) No drying period is needed.

3.) Measure to the nearest 1/8 inch.

4.) All points are measured from the tip to where it meets the Main Beam. Any point          

     measuring 1 inch or greater will count. (Detail of Point Measuring is on the Score sheet.)

5.) Start by measuring the Length of the Main Beams, Left and Right. Start at the base and

     include the burr ( the burr is the small thick ring around the base) run your wire along the

      outside of the beam to the tip.

6.) Measure Inside Greatest Spread by staying perpendicular to the skull plate. Spread Credit

     not to exceed Longer Beam Length.

7.) Points are numbered G1-G7, the G1 starts at the brow tines and etc. All points over the G7

     is scored as an abnormal point.

8.) Circumference is the smallest measurement between the base and first point and between

     each point thereafter. Each beam receives four circumference measurements, no matter of

     the number of points. Ex: If there is no brow tine present C1 and C2 is the smallest

     measurement between the skull plate and G2. If G3 is not present then C3 and C4 is the

     measurement halfway between G2 and Tip of the Main Beam.

9.) Now Add up all the measurements( Inside Spread, Right and Left Main Beam Lengths, Tine

     Lengths, and Circumferences) and this is your Final Club Score!